Long Time Partners

We would like you to pray for our long time partners Nazerano and Ione. They have been on our leadership team for years as we have been laboring to reach the island of Cotijuba with the message of Christ. They are still working at it while we are in the States.


Making Fish At Church

Making Fish At Church
Ellen has a kids program she does at most of the churches we visit. They make a fish at the end of the program. All of them are real Amazonian fish. We hope they remember to pray for us.
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Looking For A Vlolunteer!

Help A supporter is donating a boat for us to use in Brazil! Great! Now I need help in developing a plan to re-fit and sail the boat from the Northern Ohio to the Amazon River.

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As we are traveling around the states I do not have the time it takes to develop a plan for our mission to accept and make arrangemets for the boat. I need some help with phone calls, research, plan development, costing and fund raising ideas for this endever.

If you can help drop me a note or e-mail wayne@pattons.org


Fun Sometimes

As we travel the States we do have a little down time. One active we like when in the LA area is to take a boat trip out to see the whales. This time we got to see some whales and a few dolphins. Not like the pink dolphins we have but all still fun. Pray the the Lord will give us some restful down time that we can remember. Like (If you can pray)


Saba At Work

Saba has been working with us since the start of our time in Brazil. He is a dedicated believer and cares for the physical property on the island. Pray that the Lord will give him wisdom as he cares for the needs of the mission in Brazil.
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Fishing For Kids


As we travel we like the kids to remember our ministry in the Amazon Delta. To help them remember we give them a fish to color in. Pray that the kids will become new prayer partners.
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