End Of Tour

This is the end of our Support Tour – visiting our supporters. We have traveled many miles coast to coast. We love to tell our story but quite warn from the travel. Pray we can have a few months good rest as we are in New England staying with a family for two months. We need the rest.

Keep us in your Prayer for rest and refreshing vision.
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Study Groups Cotijuba

We are excited about the Bible Study Groups started on the island by Jeu and Dave. They have one couple that looks to be on the way as new believers. They also have a group of five men that meet once a week to study.
Pay for growth of these studies.

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We have started our Sabbatical up in the New England area. It was great to get our on a like with a canoe. We miss being out on the water, granted a small lake does not compare to the Amazon River but it is as close as we can get.

Pray for our Sabbatical.
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