Studying Sailing

Digging Into The Books
Both Ellen & Wayne are studding a pile of books for their sailing certification classes at the end of next month. This is much more work then we anticipated.
So please pay that we can get through the material.

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Cotijuba Gathering

Pray For Cotijbua Gathering
I talked to my Dave Johnson about what is happening down on the Island. He reported that they now have Sunday evening gatherings. This past week, 4 new people showed up for the small gathering. This is exciting.
Pray that this Sunday night meeting will grow from the contacts they have on the island.
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Taking Hikes

Getting Some Hiking In
This is a big change from Brazil. God has put us near a tree reserve where we can hike miles of trails. It is just up the raod from where we are staying. We are praising God for the locations he has placed us.

Can you guess what is in the center of the photo?


On Sabbatical

On Sabbatical
The mission has offered us a four month sabbatical. This is a well needed rest and diversion from our normal hoping on a plan and returning to the field after our coast to coast support raising tour.
A couple has opened their home to us in the New England area, which is where we will be for the next two month. There are many activities planed during this time but our goals is to catch a renewed vision as to what the Lord has planned for us.
Please pray for us during this time of seeking a renewed vision of our life ministry.
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The Boat Is No Go

The Boat Is No Go
We have been working on how to get this boat down to Brazil. We have spent most of the summer seeking help in this endeavor and spending a lot of time in research. Our first thought was to ship the boat but the cost was way to expensive.
The second option is sailing the boat down to Brazil, which at the start looked hopeful. We did the research, starting planning a route and collecting cost figures. This was to be a 6,000 mile trip from Ohio to Florida and then through the Caribbean. As the cost figures keep coming in, it far exceeded the value of the boat. We have now given up on the plans to sail down to Brazil. Pray that the Lord will provide a more local solution to our boating needs.
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Wayne’s Health

Update on Wayne’s Health
It has been a roller coaster ride to understand what is wrong with Wayne. His doctor found that he had a large liver. It was a high concern for the doctor and started us on a path to visit numerous doctors and many laboratories.
As you experience major medical problem it is common to ask friends to pray for you as you walk down this road of uncertainty. The Lord has been good and reminded me of Romans 8:28 – We know God causes all things to work together for good… for those called for His purpose.
We can see God’s hand in what has been happening. I have a rare genetic disorder, so this is not something that I caught but runs in the family. The diagnoses is Polycystic liver Liver Disorder. This translates into a large liver filled with cyst. These cyst have enlarged my liver and will continue to cause my liver to enlarge as life moves forward. This will be my thorn in the flesh with no medical remedies to remove it from my body besides a liver transplant. So I am stuck with it for the rest of my life.
The good news is that the disorder is not life threating and for the most part, my life can be lived out with only minor discomfort. To make life more comfortable I have had to totally eliminate caffeine from my diet. No Coffee! This make mornings hard to get moving and now removes me from a key Brazilian cultural experience.
Please continue to pray for my liver and Wayne’s health as he discovers how to live with this thorn.