Wayne’s Health

Update on Wayne’s Health
It has been a roller coaster ride to understand what is wrong with Wayne. His doctor found that he had a large liver. It was a high concern for the doctor and started us on a path to visit numerous doctors and many laboratories.
As you experience major medical problem it is common to ask friends to pray for you as you walk down this road of uncertainty. The Lord has been good and reminded me of Romans 8:28 – We know God causes all things to work together for good… for those called for His purpose.
We can see God’s hand in what has been happening. I have a rare genetic disorder, so this is not something that I caught but runs in the family. The diagnoses is Polycystic liver Liver Disorder. This translates into a large liver filled with cyst. These cyst have enlarged my liver and will continue to cause my liver to enlarge as life moves forward. This will be my thorn in the flesh with no medical remedies to remove it from my body besides a liver transplant. So I am stuck with it for the rest of my life.
The good news is that the disorder is not life threating and for the most part, my life can be lived out with only minor discomfort. To make life more comfortable I have had to totally eliminate caffeine from my diet. No Coffee! This make mornings hard to get moving and now removes me from a key Brazilian cultural experience.
Please continue to pray for my liver and Wayne’s health as he discovers how to live with this thorn.


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