New Beaches New Lands

Sailing does take you to new lands and beaches
During our sabbatical we did take the time to walk a few beaches that we sailed nearby.  We would typically find a mooring buoy for us to put up for the night. Take the next morning to explore the beach or see what the marine life was like. Then it was back to studying for our exams. We had three exams the first week. We found out they do not give away these certificates.


Where Are The Rocks

Where Are The Rock?
In our training we discovered that the naval charts are full of rock, sunken ships, and other navigation hazards. The goal is to plot a course that avoids all of these hazards and get the helms man to follow that course.

To plot a course and actually follow it in a sail boat was much more difficult the we originally though. Current, wind and many other factors out of your control make the real world very dangerous. No we did not use a GPS or any electronic gadgets. Just old fashion sailing.


Sea Training- Sailing 101

Sea Training 101
Ellen is at the helm of a 40 foot sail boat out on the water navigating the narrows. A thin passage between some islands about as wide as some  of our tributaries on the Amazon River. As part of our Sabbatical we spent three weeks in intensive training learning how to sail out at see.