Store It Where?

Storage ContainerThis is the year after 15 years of missionary service we have lost our storage locations. In 2001 we stored our lives and household in two barns and at a few friends and relatives homes.

Over time we have lost some of our storage locations. This year Fred died and my sister is planning a move so we needed to move out.

Basore Rd. GBC came to our rescue. They are keeping a storage container full of our household items in their parking lot. We want to thank them as we plan on many more years of service with the mission.

The Last Month

Jeu & EsterThe couple that has been working in our stead is Jeu & Ester. He is a pastor who has set aside his ministry for a year while he gets some first had experience at church planting.

We have shared his story as we have crossed the States speaking at churches and in supporters homes. This has proven to be a good partnership for us over the year.

With the two of them working the soil with our teammates there has been six Bible studies started and two of them womens studies. The kids groups have continued along with a young ladies club.
One elderly lady, Antonia, came to know our Lord by studying the Bible with Jeu & Ester.  We rejoice in the joy of our Savior that she prayed to receive Christ a short time before her death. YES we will all see her at the the Weeding Feast of the Lamb.

George and Maria study the Bible weekly with them. George has also prayed to receive Christ but has yet to take the step of baptism. Pray as we transition into this growing ministry and wisdom to what is best

Goodbye to Lydia

Lydia & WayneLydia is our missionary daughter who is working as a teacher at a missionary school at the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. It was a joy to connect with her over Christmas yet hard to say goodbye when we are soon to follow ourselves.

Do not be confused! We work in the same country but we do not live in proximity to her. We live up in the north of the country near the cit of Belem. She lives in the center of the country in the capital city of Brasilia, which is a thousand miles away. Yet, she is close because we only need to catch one plane flight to visit her. While our return to the states takes four legs of travel for more.
It was great to catch up with Lydia while she visited over Christmas. She brought back stories about some of her students and how the Holy Spirit is using her to reach diplomatic family with the Living Word through her teaching. Many of the kids are not Christian and come from counties that are considered hard to reach.
These are well to do families that are part of the diplomatic service of their country and are moved around on a regular basis by their government. They will spend only a year or two at the school before moving to another country. She takes what opportunities that are open to her and  shares her love of Jesus and teaching of the Bible where she can. Pray for her ministry as God opens doors for her.

The Boat Is Sold

The Old BoatThis old boat is a thing of the past. It has been a great tool to use over the past few years but its time has come to an end. While we have been in the States traveling my teammate down in Brazil, Dave Johnson, put the boat up for sale. It took many months but it has been sold.

The reason for selling the boat is not that complicated. We could not legally register the boat for a reasonable cost. The Brazilian coast guard has changed the way they enforce laws out on the river near us. In the past locals just did what they have done for 100s of years. Now the government is changing all of that.  They are enforcing laws at gun point. Many of the wooden boats do not meet their standards and lack documentation. This old river boat had not documents because it was built by an old river guy 15 years ago with a motor that is now 45 years old.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us to a new boat. We need one that can get us around safely and provide years of safe service.


Cataract Surgery

Ellen had cataract surgery on Monday. It is such a blessing that she is able to get this surgery before we return to Brazil. It all went very well. She can now see much better. Please keep praying for our health as we make our final visits to doctors, dentist and other medical professionals.
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