The Boat Is Sold

The Old BoatThis old boat is a thing of the past. It has been a great tool to use over the past few years but its time has come to an end. While we have been in the States traveling my teammate down in Brazil, Dave Johnson, put the boat up for sale. It took many months but it has been sold.

The reason for selling the boat is not that complicated. We could not legally register the boat for a reasonable cost. The Brazilian coast guard has changed the way they enforce laws out on the river near us. In the past locals just did what they have done for 100s of years. Now the government is changing all of that.  They are enforcing laws at gun point. Many of the wooden boats do not meet their standards and lack documentation. This old river boat had not documents because it was built by an old river guy 15 years ago with a motor that is now 45 years old.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead us to a new boat. We need one that can get us around safely and provide years of safe service.