Goodbye to Lydia

Lydia & WayneLydia is our missionary daughter who is working as a teacher at a missionary school at the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. It was a joy to connect with her over Christmas yet hard to say goodbye when we are soon to follow ourselves.

Do not be confused! We work in the same country but we do not live in proximity to her. We live up in the north of the country near the cit of Belem. She lives in the center of the country in the capital city of Brasilia, which is a thousand miles away. Yet, she is close because we only need to catch one plane flight to visit her. While our return to the states takes four legs of travel for more.
It was great to catch up with Lydia while she visited over Christmas. She brought back stories about some of her students and how the Holy Spirit is using her to reach diplomatic family with the Living Word through her teaching. Many of the kids are not Christian and come from counties that are considered hard to reach.
These are well to do families that are part of the diplomatic service of their country and are moved around on a regular basis by their government. They will spend only a year or two at the school before moving to another country. She takes what opportunities that are open to her and  shares her love of Jesus and teaching of the Bible where she can. Pray for her ministry as God opens doors for her.