The Last Month

Jeu & EsterThe couple that has been working in our stead is Jeu & Ester. He is a pastor who has set aside his ministry for a year while he gets some first had experience at church planting.

We have shared his story as we have crossed the States speaking at churches and in supporters homes. This has proven to be a good partnership for us over the year.

With the two of them working the soil with our teammates there has been six Bible studies started and two of them womens studies. The kids groups have continued along with a young ladies club.
One elderly lady, Antonia, came to know our Lord by studying the Bible with Jeu & Ester.  We rejoice in the joy of our Savior that she prayed to receive Christ a short time before her death. YES we will all see her at the the Weeding Feast of the Lamb.

George and Maria study the Bible weekly with them. George has also prayed to receive Christ but has yet to take the step of baptism. Pray as we transition into this growing ministry and wisdom to what is best