The Return To Brazil

ReturningToday is the day we are returning to Brazil. It is such a joy to be back where our Lord has called us to serve. We have carved out a life for ourselves on the island of Cotijuba. It is not an easy life. It is the hardest thing we have every done.

Yet living in the remote part of the world trying to reach the river people of the Amazon with the Gospel is a joy. The joy of our Lord who want to see all come the loving knowledge of His love for them.

Pray for us as we settle into our home today. It will be an all day plane ride then van to the boat dock. After the 45 minute boat ride there is a tractor ride for another half hour to our house where we will unload our life we brought in a trunk. This will end a 13 month trip for us. So keep us in your prayers.

Is French Cuisine Good?

French CuisineThis is one questions I was trying to answer as we visited a number of restaurants. The Amazon guy, who eats fresh fish all the time with beans and rice. It was different for sure.

The restaurant in the background is on the top of my list for the food we ate. The price for what we ate as a surprise. A three course meal for around $12 and it was all home made by the owners who also served us.  The meal was a delight.

The rest of the restaurants where just average restaurant food as can be found around the globe. No beans and rice like we eat on the river. The visit to the open market was the most impressive. The variety of meats, fish,  veggies and cheeses where outstanding. So I can only conclude good French cooking happens at home an not in the restaurants.

I am looking forward to returning to Brazil this week and eating beans and rice with fresh fish. Our plane leaves on Tuesday. So pray for our return.

Are These Church Planters?

Church PlantersDoes this look like church planters from all around the globe? This is a group of fun loving believers who are seeking to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in many points of the globe where Encompass World Partners has missionaries established.

These are just some of the missionaries me meet for the first time. Our mission pulled their church planters from all over the globe to this first time Church Planting Network meeting. It was a joy to see new faces and families dedicating their lives to reach the lost with the news of Life in Jesus Christ.

It was a good meeting for us as we shared our ministry and found others with similar passions. Each ministry seems to be a little different yet there are also some similarities to what we are facing. One important lesson I took away from the meeting is that this is hard work. The places we are all working seem to have hard soil where the Gospel has yet to take root. So please offer a prayer to our Lord to help us all endure in the ministries we are working.

Encompass France Plant

France Church PlantOn our trip, we had the opportunity to visit one of the French Church plants. It was an interesting morning singing in French to melodies that we knew in Portuguese and English. We do not speak French so most of the conversations left us behind. A few spoke English and were gland to greet us and strike up a conversation.

In many ways it was like visiting a small church here in the USA with a small worship group singing praises to our Lord. The one difference is the sweat and tears poured into this church has lasted for thirty five years. When they talk about how hard the soil in France is, this is what they are talking about.  The French in general are not open to the Gospel message and most of the missionaries working this part of the world use relational evangelism. This means building relationships before presenting the Gospel message.

It was a good visit to see this successful church plant that is now growing and thriving. It is the result of many years of toil by a number of missionaries over the years. God gets all the glory for this work because it is clear it is not a work of one person.

Ireland Visit

Ireland CrossAs we are in France for the first Church Planting Networking meeting of Encompass World Partners, we first stopped in Ireland to find out more about planting churches there. Our friends there have been working this very hard soil for many years.

One of the ways that this is soil is so hard is that the Church betrayed the people there. In the USA you thought it was horrid about the stories and the Catholic Church, in Ireland it was worst and over a much longer time period of time. Like 100s of years of control over the Irish people and its government with only the truth coming out now about what had happen in the past and how it was covered up.

This has lead to an environment where if you mention the church you are not just turned off by you can feel the anger of betrayal. This ministry is very focus on relations evangelism. Which means you have to build trust through relationships before you can even talk about the message.

In our visits to their traditional churches it leaves you an impression that the church is for the dead. All of them are surrounded by graves and many have graves in the churches themselves. So pray for our Irish outreach today, so people can see the living Christ in their lives.


Time To Pray

Inn Keeper MinistriesGod blessed us with a few days to get a way to a retreat house where we took time to pray about our return to Brazil. Please join us in a prayer that Jesus Christ will infuse us with a out pouring of His Spirit to empower our ministry on the islands.
This is a spiritual battle that needs to be waged in prayer on our knees and not in the flesh. This is a difficult ministry for us and we need your constant prayers calling on Jesus to send the Holy Spirit to pave the way in our ministry so souls can be reached with the Good News.