Encompass France Plant

France Church PlantOn our trip, we had the opportunity to visit one of the French Church plants. It was an interesting morning singing in French to melodies that we knew in Portuguese and English. We do not speak French so most of the conversations left us behind. A few spoke English and were gland to greet us and strike up a conversation.

In many ways it was like visiting a small church here in the USA with a small worship group singing praises to our Lord. The one difference is the sweat and tears poured into this church has lasted for thirty five years. When they talk about how hard the soil in France is, this is what they are talking about.  The French in general are not open to the Gospel message and most of the missionaries working this part of the world use relational evangelism. This means building relationships before presenting the Gospel message.

It was a good visit to see this successful church plant that is now growing and thriving. It is the result of many years of toil by a number of missionaries over the years. God gets all the glory for this work because it is clear it is not a work of one person.