Are These Church Planters?

Church PlantersDoes this look like church planters from all around the globe? This is a group of fun loving believers who are seeking to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in many points of the globe where Encompass World Partners has missionaries established.

These are just some of the missionaries me meet for the first time. Our mission pulled their church planters from all over the globe to this first time Church Planting Network meeting. It was a joy to see new faces and families dedicating their lives to reach the lost with the news of Life in Jesus Christ.

It was a good meeting for us as we shared our ministry and found others with similar passions. Each ministry seems to be a little different yet there are also some similarities to what we are facing. One important lesson I took away from the meeting is that this is hard work. The places we are all working seem to have hard soil where the Gospel has yet to take root. So please offer a prayer to our Lord to help us all endure in the ministries we are working.