Is French Cuisine Good?

French CuisineThis is one questions I was trying to answer as we visited a number of restaurants. The Amazon guy, who eats fresh fish all the time with beans and rice. It was different for sure.

The restaurant in the background is on the top of my list for the food we ate. The price for what we ate as a surprise. A three course meal for around $12 and it was all home made by the owners who also served us.  The meal was a delight.

The rest of the restaurants where just average restaurant food as can be found around the globe. No beans and rice like we eat on the river. The visit to the open market was the most impressive. The variety of meats, fish,  veggies and cheeses where outstanding. So I can only conclude good French cooking happens at home an not in the restaurants.

I am looking forward to returning to Brazil this week and eating beans and rice with fresh fish. Our plane leaves on Tuesday. So pray for our return.