Spiritual Family

Spiritual FamilyAs we are looking into the state of the ministry here, we a with great joy to see a few locals attending the spiritual family gathering. The group had been meeting on Sunday Nights but this has all change since our arrival.

Jeu, the one in white, is the pastor who has lived in our house for the past year. Him and Ester, his wife, have spent the past year working with the Johnson family on the island of Cotijuba. They have started a few Bible studies in the area. These studies take place in the students homes. These are not believers but people that are open to the Gospel message. Gorge is next to Jeu on the far left, he is a fisherman that lives near us. It was an amazing story that he told of his personal testimony.  God has been chasing him for fifty years. A previous missionary and good friend of mine Bill Burk, who is with the Lord, preached on the island of Cotijuba in his early days. Gorge remembered him and was impressed that his message was different but life was full and he thought there would always be another day.

Now that he is older he wants to know this God. He likes what we have to say because it is different compared to the other churches selling religion.  Gorge has lots of stories of pastors who offered to pray for him while he was sick if he would just give the pastor R$20.   There are also other who preach that God only forgives those who give to the church (the pastor).  We talk about a free gift, Grace through Jesus Christ. This is what make us different from the others he has heard. We also tell it in a story format and he seems to understand that more easily, he does not read well.

These are just some of the stories we are hearing. Pray for George and his wife that they will take the next step of baptism.