Kids Club Continues

Kid ClubIt is such a blessing of the Lord to see the kid club continues. It has many of the same kids when we ran the kids club over a year ago. Many of them have grown and they have heard the Bible Stories many times but still adore them. They play games, sing songs, draw a pictures and listen to a Bible story.

Ester & Jeu have been helping the Johnsons with the kids club. Ester’s major role was to play the guitar for song time. Kim and Ester shared telling the Bible stories and Dave would run the games. Now we that have returned Jeu & Ester will no longer be able to continue in this role. They have been pulled back to his work as a pastor at the Monkey Island church. In the short term the Johnson family will be operating the kids club.

Pray for the kids club. That it will build a foundation in these kids lives as we seek for them and their families to come to Christ.