My Dogs – Happy

Tuff and IsabelaIt was a thirteen month trip away from Brazil and my dogs. They are big and scary, they terrify a lot of people including the family that stayed in our home. We arrived at the gate at night and the dogs went crazy. They where so excited to see me that they would hardly let me in the gate. All were surprised that the dogs even remembered us.

They family that lived in our stead had only been out of the house for a few days and were already missing the dogs. Ester expressed that she was terrified of these beast. Yet they loved on her and she broke down. The dogs are named Tuffy and Isabella. For the first few days Isabella was not eating her dry dog food, which is what I normally feed them. Ester had left some beans and rice in the fridge that we did not eat. When I added that to the dog good Isabella gobbled it up. It seems that she was giving them special food and spoiling them. It is better to have healthy spoiled dogs then the alternative. I just have to retrain them.

Isabella has developed some health issues while we were away. We can not take our dogs to see a vet because it is to hard to transport them to the city. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom in treating her.