Thanks For Praying

CNIEIBLast week was a very busy week for me. The prep for a meeting with the Directors of the Brazilian National Church, CNIEIB, went well. I was able to get my documents written in Portuguese for the meeting and send them via facebook. I do not have a printer yet so this seemed to be the most piratical method to reach these folks.

This is a picture of most of the people attending the meeting. It was a difficult meeting for me because I was the one answering question for the two hours. They were all good question, but I did not have all the answers. The good news is that we are on our way to develop a partnership to reach the island of Cotijuba and the surrounding islands.

My goal is to develop a joint ministry effort with the Brazilian National church to join us in reaching the river people near us. I am looking for them to approve Pastor Jeu to work as part of our church planting team. For the past year Jeu & Ester lived in our house, expanding the ministry here. We would like to see his work continue. Unfortunately the Directors desire the national church to vote on this matter at their next convention, January 2017.  Please keep this effort in your prayers as we seek God’s wisdom in the matter.