The Andre Visit

Andre On The MoveAndre is now located in the city of Macapa, which is on the other side of the river to us. He flew over for a visit last Friday. It was a great opportunity to see what the Lord has be doing in his life.

If you remember Andre was our volunteer church planter who spent a year in a small river community. He had some success at opening a hand full of homes in this closed river community. His life has moved on and he has moved elsewhere.

It was great to hear that my investment in his life is not lost. He is working at a bakery factory making cookie type products. He is continuing to study the Bible with people around him and has two students he teaches on a regular basis. At his new spot there is a GBC church near by so he is becoming involved with the leadership of that church also. So we are excited to see what God has been doing in his life.

Please pray for Andre that the Holy Spirit continues to transform his life and that he can be a bright light and testimony for the Lord in his new home. This does mean that he will no longer be involved with our river ministry so also pray that the Lord raises up new labors to replace him.