The Future Of River Ministry

The TeamAs we have asked you to pray, the Lord has been responding. It was a great surprise to get word of these three men who came out and visited with me. These are three key men in the Brazilian convention of churches that I network with. They spent all day talking with me about partnerships.

The leadership of our Brazilian churches are starting to come on board with this concept that the island of Cotijuba as a gateway to river ministry on the Amazon Delta.  In the past they have used the phrase “it is not strategic for us and the ministries we support”. Now that Pastor Jeu has been out here for a year, there is a renewed interest in river ministry. They ended all their river ministry thrusts about six years ago.

There is a desire on their part to have their youth mobilized for missions and ministry. In the past they have sent their youth out on the river to participate on short term ministry jaunts. These have been a failure for the most part. The youth have no training and the experience is overwhelming for them. One of the ideas they would like to discuss in more detail is the possibility of send some of their youth out to my place. We can provide them with some training and experience in river ministry. Then at a later opportunity they could be integrated into other river ministry efforts.

Pray for these further conversations with these men. The river is wide and the water is deep. Which means we need many labors to reach the estimated 30 to 50 thousand communities where the Gospel message has yet to even arrive.  Pray for the Lord to raise up ten youth to learn how to reach the lost on the river in 2016.