Look At The Green Kids

New SchoolWhat a surprise to see all these green shirts in church on Monday morning. We have only been a way for a year and Luiz has started a new ministry at his church. Luiz is a pastor we have partnered with for most of our ministry and a strong supporter of our ministry on the island of Cotijuba.

The school has three teachers and about thirty kids. The kids come from the local neighborhood. It is very common for a community to have a number of private schools in their area because the public school system is bad. Most Brazilians send their young kids to a private if they can afford it. This school is priced in the lower price range to attract kids from around the local neighborhood. The church is not making any profit off the school but using it as a outreach ministry.

Please pray for this outreach. Luiz is hoping that as he meets each of the parents daily as they drop their kids off he will have an opportunity to build bridges into their lives.