A Man Perused By God

GorgeThe testimony of George is an interesting one. Pastor Jeu impressed him because he sounded like a preacher he knew as a youth. He has been to a number of churches over time and all of them lie. The best example he could remember is at one church he dropped in and the preacher healed a man in front of the congregation.  George knew this man and talk to him afterwards. George said there was nothing wrong with you. Your a very healthy person. What then did the preacher heal you of? The man responded, nothing. The preacher had paid him some money to pretend to be sick and then healed. So George saw all this religion stuff as a lie and a con to just get money from the people.

When he saw Jeu and heard what Jeu had to say, it reminded him of a preacher he was impressed by as a youth, Missionary Bill Burk. At that time George had no reason to have religion but Bill still made an impression on him. Now nearly 40 some odd years later Bill’s disciple Pastor Jeu has arrived with the same message. Only this time George sees his life coming to an end and is interested in the message of Christ.

You might say God has perused George all his live. The message never changed but the Holy Spirit is drawing George to Jesus. Pray for him and his wife that they will soon take the step of  belief in Christ.