Motorcycle Taxi

Our Taxi serviceThe best way to get around on our island is by motorcycle. The island is filled with taxi drivers that use these motorcycles. Unfortunately ninety percent of the drivers here do not have a license or a registered motorcycle. This is not a problem on a normal day.

My taxi driver pick me up this morning to catch a boat into the city. On the way he got word from a passing cyclist that there was a police check point in the center of the island. They come out several times a year to make sure all the drives have current documents. He stopped and said sorry I can not get you any further, my documents are not up to date.  That ended my trip into the city because my chance to find a legal driver is almost non existent.

It is so bad that the city came out to contract 30 motorcycle taxi drivers to drive exclusive for the city and its employees. I am sure this would be lucrative contract.  Only 12 drivers applied who could meet the requirement of  having current documents. There are over 200 taxi drivers on the island, which means the chance of me finding one of the 12, impossible!  So I am back in the my office writing this blog article about life on the island of Cotijuba.