Youth Event At Our Place

Youth GroupThere were around twenty youth and leaders sleeping over at our place last weekend. It was a good time for all. My dog Tuffy enjoyed all the people that played fetch all weekend long. The plan was to have these youth mix with the youth we know on the island. There here a handful that showed up at the youth event on Thursday.  More important was that these youth and leaders were energized at learning how to reach the lost. We had them split into small groups and lean selected stories from our story cloth. Then they told the story as a group or acted out the story. This gave them an opportunity to dig into the Bible and learn how to tell God’s story. The excitement could be felt in the air as they had fun with the whole experience.

Pray as we make plans for some of the youth and adults to come back as evangelistic teams to help reach some of the people they meet here on the island. Pray as we seek to develop workers for Jesus and His harvest.

Building Alliances – Monkey Island Church

Monkey Island ChurchThis is the leadership of the Monkey island church. They came over to discuss the work of Pastor Jeu and his support. It was great to see that they are very excited about his working with us. My hope is to build an alliance with the church over the next year.  This was the start of a conversation for them to send small teams to assist us in evangelizing people on our island. This is a stretch for them.  One young man from the church spent a week here with Pastor Jeu. He joined in on several events, learned to tell a bible story and tagged along on a few bible studies. This was an eye opening experience for him. Our hope is to have teams from the churches visit on a regular basis so that we can develop future workers. This is how Andrea come to us, he then spent a year out on one of the remote islands starting bible studies. Please pray for this future alliance.

Dogs Die In The Jungle


I want to thank everyone who prayed for my dog but she died. When I got back from picking Ellen up from the airport we found the dog dead under the house. It was not a surprise. She was very sick and most likely had a antibiotic resent bacterial infection. Since we have been back she received three courses of antibiotics. This is the fifth dog that has died since we started living here. We are now down to just Tuffy.

Our dog did have two litters. Out of all those puppies I only know of two pup that survived. Two were stolen, so I am not sure about them. One was poisoned, one hung himself and one died of a snake bite, the life of a dog in this jungle is short and tough. We are thinking about getting a friend for Tuffy but not at the moment. We have only been back for two months and the list of things to get done is long.

Planning Baptisms

Youth At CanudusOver the weekend I spent time with Luiz and the Canudus Church. This is our home church here in Brazil and one that has struggled since we have been involved with it. We can not invest a lot of time into this ministry but try and help as much as time permits.

This weekend Luiz and I sat down with the youth and talk about getting baptized. We marked that dates of June 24-26 to come out to our home and get dunked. Out of the ten youth that come on a regular basis only two have been baptized. Those two  young men were baptized on our beach a few years ago. Our hope is that three for four of the youth will take this step of faith.

Please pray for this special weekend in June. That the youth will follow through and this can be an event that I can pull in some of the locals here on the island of Cotijuba to be baptized also.

Making Prayer Videos

fb20160410This is all a new role for me as I try and meet the new demands of my changing world. As our mission is in the process of change and trying to build a partnership with the national church. This means that our work out on the river needs to include the support of the national Brazilian church. It is a good move but much more complex and full of political strings. Not much different than the States.

Part of this partnering process is to keep Jeu and Ester as part of our team. They filled in for us while we were in the States and now have a passion to reach the lost here on the island . We are actually trying to build a larger ministry with the help of the Brazilian national church to reach the lost communities along th river.   Like in the USA facebook is a part of their world and videos are very effective medium to promote the ministry here. The videos I make for our ministry are now being expanded to help Jeu with his.

Pray that this effort will bear fruit and interest in the ministry here on the island of Cotijuba.  That the supporters of this ministry will grow to many churches in individuals.

Easter on Wednesday

Easter CelabrationPastor Jeu is now part of our church planting team. He attends his church on Saturday and Sunday to preach and teach. The rest of the week he is with us on the island of Cotijuba. For the past few years we have held a special service for the kids club at Easter time. This year we held the Easter service on Wednesday as a substitute for our spiritual family.

The turnout from the kids was good. There was a lot of participation. A number of the kids relatives from the island showed up, so make for a packed house. I tried to get some video on the event but we only had two small light bulbs lighting the area, it turned out dark.

Please pray that our team can connect with some the extended family that attend the event. We did have one of the kids accept Christ a month ago. It is something we rejoice in, but the parents are non-believers and we need pray to move them towards God.

Can’t Fix It Here – Teeth!

fb20160406Ellen is currently back in the states for dental problems. We had to fly her back on Monday, it was a last minute deal because of her broken dental bridge. This is one of those times you find out how far behind in medical technology we are here in Northern Brazil.

After the dental bridge broke she visited a good local dentist.  They thought the bridge and her caps were made of some resin material they had not seen before. Ellen informed them that the material was zirconium, industrial diamonds, which is common in the States.  The dentist responded that she had only read about such materials and the labs here in Brazil still use metal with ceramic covering. Like many of these simple medical technologies Brazil is 20 years behind the times.

Unfortunately this meant the dentist here in Brazil could not help Ellen. The cost of this type dental work is substantial. We have forked out thousands of dollars to get this dental issue resolved. There one big difference between the States and Brazil. American workmanship is guaranteed!  Not so here in Brazil, it is buyer beware. So back she went.

She will only be there until April 16 and she will fly out of Dayton, Ohio. Please keep this repair job in your prayers.