Can’t Fix It Here – Teeth!

fb20160406Ellen is currently back in the states for dental problems. We had to fly her back on Monday, it was a last minute deal because of her broken dental bridge. This is one of those times you find out how far behind in medical technology we are here in Northern Brazil.

After the dental bridge broke she visited a good local dentist.  They thought the bridge and her caps were made of some resin material they had not seen before. Ellen informed them that the material was zirconium, industrial diamonds, which is common in the States.  The dentist responded that she had only read about such materials and the labs here in Brazil still use metal with ceramic covering. Like many of these simple medical technologies Brazil is 20 years behind the times.

Unfortunately this meant the dentist here in Brazil could not help Ellen. The cost of this type dental work is substantial. We have forked out thousands of dollars to get this dental issue resolved. There one big difference between the States and Brazil. American workmanship is guaranteed!  Not so here in Brazil, it is buyer beware. So back she went.

She will only be there until April 16 and she will fly out of Dayton, Ohio. Please keep this repair job in your prayers.