Easter on Wednesday

Easter CelabrationPastor Jeu is now part of our church planting team. He attends his church on Saturday and Sunday to preach and teach. The rest of the week he is with us on the island of Cotijuba. For the past few years we have held a special service for the kids club at Easter time. This year we held the Easter service on Wednesday as a substitute for our spiritual family.

The turnout from the kids was good. There was a lot of participation. A number of the kids relatives from the island showed up, so make for a packed house. I tried to get some video on the event but we only had two small light bulbs lighting the area, it turned out dark.

Please pray that our team can connect with some the extended family that attend the event. We did have one of the kids accept Christ a month ago. It is something we rejoice in, but the parents are non-believers and we need pray to move them towards God.