Making Prayer Videos

fb20160410This is all a new role for me as I try and meet the new demands of my changing world. As our mission is in the process of change and trying to build a partnership with the national church. This means that our work out on the river needs to include the support of the national Brazilian church. It is a good move but much more complex and full of political strings. Not much different than the States.

Part of this partnering process is to keep Jeu and Ester as part of our team. They filled in for us while we were in the States and now have a passion to reach the lost here on the island . We are actually trying to build a larger ministry with the help of the Brazilian national church to reach the lost communities along th river.   Like in the USA facebook is a part of their world and videos are very effective medium to promote the ministry here. The videos I make for our ministry are now being expanded to help Jeu with his.

Pray that this effort will bear fruit and interest in the ministry here on the island of Cotijuba.  That the supporters of this ministry will grow to many churches in individuals.