Dogs Die In The Jungle


I want to thank everyone who prayed for my dog but she died. When I got back from picking Ellen up from the airport we found the dog dead under the house. It was not a surprise. She was very sick and most likely had a antibiotic resent bacterial infection. Since we have been back she received three courses of antibiotics. This is the fifth dog that has died since we started living here. We are now down to just Tuffy.

Our dog did have two litters. Out of all those puppies I only know of two pup that survived. Two were stolen, so I am not sure about them. One was poisoned, one hung himself and one died of a snake bite, the life of a dog in this jungle is short and tough. We are thinking about getting a friend for Tuffy but not at the moment. We have only been back for two months and the list of things to get done is long.