Building Alliances – Monkey Island Church

Monkey Island ChurchThis is the leadership of the Monkey island church. They came over to discuss the work of Pastor Jeu and his support. It was great to see that they are very excited about his working with us. My hope is to build an alliance with the church over the next year.  This was the start of a conversation for them to send small teams to assist us in evangelizing people on our island. This is a stretch for them.  One young man from the church spent a week here with Pastor Jeu. He joined in on several events, learned to tell a bible story and tagged along on a few bible studies. This was an eye opening experience for him. Our hope is to have teams from the churches visit on a regular basis so that we can develop future workers. This is how Andrea come to us, he then spent a year out on one of the remote islands starting bible studies. Please pray for this future alliance.