Youth Event At Our Place

Youth GroupThere were around twenty youth and leaders sleeping over at our place last weekend. It was a good time for all. My dog Tuffy enjoyed all the people that played fetch all weekend long. The plan was to have these youth mix with the youth we know on the island. There here a handful that showed up at the youth event on Thursday.  More important was that these youth and leaders were energized at learning how to reach the lost. We had them split into small groups and lean selected stories from our story cloth. Then they told the story as a group or acted out the story. This gave them an opportunity to dig into the Bible and learn how to tell God’s story. The excitement could be felt in the air as they had fun with the whole experience.

Pray as we make plans for some of the youth and adults to come back as evangelistic teams to help reach some of the people they meet here on the island. Pray as we seek to develop workers for Jesus and His harvest.