Where Is Monkey Island

Monkey IslandI had a question about where is monkey island church and how far is it from us. I posted a picture from Bing Maps to help orient you. The top mark is where we live on the island of  Cotijuba. The lower pin mark is where the Monkey Island Church is located. The distance is around 10 miles, so it is not far but the boats we use travel about seven miles an hour on a good day. If the current is against you it might slow you down to three or four miles and hour. There are faster boats but this is for the common river vessel.

Pastor Jeu and his family make this trip every week. They will leave Saturday morning around 7am and someone will pick them up at the dock at our island and take them to the church. Then on Monday morning they return and are back home by ten in the morning. Our prayer is that we can build an alliance with the church over time, develop some of the members as evangelist and target other islands a bit more distance from us. Please pray for these plans.