Boat House Repair

fb20160629While we where visiting churches in back in the States the boat house was damaged by fire. It was not much to start with but it helped shade the boat we had. We are working on plans to buy a new boat which require a secure place to put the new boat. We need to build retaining walls in our pit so the new boat will fit under the structure. There is also a need to enclose the structure in some type metal fencing so that if some one shows up with a machete it would be difficult for them to get into the building. A machete is a common tool here that everyone has. If the to be bandits show up with some real tools then there is no way to secure the boat but that is not normal. Most bandits are hit and run guys that are looking to steal something they can sell quickly. Also we are looking at fencing the area around the boat and put a few dogs. The Brazilians are fearful of dogs so it is a good deterrent. So Please pray for our plans, that we will get the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Brazilians Love Nuts

fb20160626We all know that Americans love nuts. Well Brazilians love their nuts, Brazil nuts, cashews and a variety of peanuts.  Though not peanut butter. Street vendors have all sorts of nuts for sale. The cashews are packaged in small little bags that sell for a R$. The Brazil nuts are stripped of their outer casing and sold whole or chopped up in larger packages – all fresh off the tree.

Then there is Spanish Peanuts sold hot. They take a piece of recycled office paper A4 size and make a cone out of it filled with Spanish Peanuts. These are then put into a steel bucket with hot coals on the bottom of the bucket. This keeps the nuts hot, dry and tasty.  All sold for a R$ coin. This is one of Ellen’s favorite treats when taking the boat home at the end of the day.

Building A River Ministry

fb20160625The dream of a river ministry has always been part of the vision the Lord has given us. As we work this soil we realize this will never be achieve this dream alone.  It requires lots of people and multiple skills to make this endeavor a success.  The Lord has now sent me a small band of people with similar dreams. To see churches established out on the islands near us. This is quite a step in our ministry. At one time the dream of seeing churches we work with participate in our ministry seemed to be dwindling. This meeting we had on June 11 demonstrates that the Holy Spirit is moving and answering prayers. Not just my prayers but the prayers of many of those featured in this photo.   Pray for the Holy Spirit to develop a burning passion in these peoples hearts and pray for labors for our harvest.

Pin The Beak?

fb20160624The ladies like to have a little fun and why not. Games seem to be enjoyed by our locals. It is fun and something they do not normally do in social gathering. The church we are building, we are striving for tight relationships among our brothers and sisters.  What better way then to play group games.

Ellen came up with this one. It is a version of pin the tail on the donkey but we use a local toucan bird instead. Yes these birds can be see in the trees where we live. Pray as we try to build relationships among the people we live and work.

Fishing for Bible Students

fb20160622William is a Word of Life student finishing up his studies. He is also on the conventions mission committee.  He spent two weeks living with us and helping out fishing for men. What he caught was Pepoca a motorcycle taxi driver who live just up the street from us. We used him to transport Williams to several Bible studies. Pepoca like the studies so much, he attended them all.

He also started attending our Spiritual Family gathering on Wednesday nights. We are so excited at what God is doing. Please pray for other workers of the harvest to come a help catch more souls for Jesus.

Throw the Net Ministry

This is one of our Portuguese videos that our ministry team developed to ask for prayer for the new ministry “Lancando a Rede” (Throw the Net Ministry). This ministry was birthed out of our June 11 meeting. We are so excited about it . One of the pastors has already had a couple approach them to about participating in the ministry.

You can just hear the enthusiasm from the core group of believers and pastors who are kicking the group off. Please pray for this up-start.

Financial Guys Visit

Canudus ChurchFinance guys came to our little island to audit Wayne for all the field treasure work he does. It was a grueling week of paper work but they like what they saw. More to their liking was the visit to Luiz’s Church Sunday night. They found a very young church with kids that are new to Christ. Many of them participate in the service and lead the worship time. Baptism day will soon be here, June 25. This is the day that has been marked to a number of these youth to get dunked. Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw all of them to Himself. That is will be a special day in the lives of these young folks, one that will transform them with a passion for the work of Christ.

Ladies Group Grows

Womens GroupThe Lord has been good to us this week. The Holy Spirit has drawn a few more ladies to our little group. Once a week the ladies gather for a craft and a time of bible study. It is a blessing to the few who attend and yet this week we have seen God send new people to our Family Spiritual group and the ladies gathering this week. Please keep petitioning our Lord to grow these groups on our island. Pray that the Holy Spirit can draw these people to Jesus and open their hearts to the salvation message. Pray that they see Jesus in us as we live out this ministry on a day to day basis. Remember it is God the Father that draws individuals to Jesus, so pray fervently this week.

Wed Night Spiritual Family

Wed Night GroupOur Wednesday night spiritual family group has grown a little. It is with great joy to see a hand full of people come and experience worship in a small group.   Gorge on the left is starting to tell stores. I told a fisherman story from John 21 at the meeting with Gorge helping me out with parts. After the meeting I told him he needed to memorize a few Jesus fisherman stories. He promptly started to tell the story where Jesus walk on water and call Peter to join him. It was a natural telling of the story with a few errors. He placed Jesus in the red sea instead of the sea of Galilee.  To our people the geography has little meaning, so this is a common mistake. I am rejoicing that the word of God is starting to come of out George instead of common stories of his life. This is really a movement of the Holy Spirit. Please keep praying for George and our small group.