Wed Night Spiritual Family

Wed Night GroupOur Wednesday night spiritual family group has grown a little. It is with great joy to see a hand full of people come and experience worship in a small group.   Gorge on the left is starting to tell stores. I told a fisherman story from John 21 at the meeting with Gorge helping me out with parts. After the meeting I told him he needed to memorize a few Jesus fisherman stories. He promptly started to tell the story where Jesus walk on water and call Peter to join him. It was a natural telling of the story with a few errors. He placed Jesus in the red sea instead of the sea of Galilee.  To our people the geography has little meaning, so this is a common mistake. I am rejoicing that the word of God is starting to come of out George instead of common stories of his life. This is really a movement of the Holy Spirit. Please keep praying for George and our small group.