Brazilians Love Nuts

fb20160626We all know that Americans love nuts. Well Brazilians love their nuts, Brazil nuts, cashews and a variety of peanuts.  Though not peanut butter. Street vendors have all sorts of nuts for sale. The cashews are packaged in small little bags that sell for a R$. The Brazil nuts are stripped of their outer casing and sold whole or chopped up in larger packages – all fresh off the tree.

Then there is Spanish Peanuts sold hot. They take a piece of recycled office paper A4 size and make a cone out of it filled with Spanish Peanuts. These are then put into a steel bucket with hot coals on the bottom of the bucket. This keeps the nuts hot, dry and tasty.  All sold for a R$ coin. This is one of Ellen’s favorite treats when taking the boat home at the end of the day.