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Planted In Ohio

Wayne & Ellen Easter Photo In Ohio

We are in Ohio but not settled down. Our situation is still temporary as the house we are renting is only available to the end of May. After that, we need a new place to rent or stay starting in June in the Dayton area. If you know of a home that is sitting empty or a place we could live for three months, please contact us. Our agenda is open at the moment as we are trying to arrange future church visits as part of our home ministry plans. There is also a need to start raising funds for resettlement.

Help Us Give It Away

Help Give It Away

In this new age of social distance and COVID-19, we see the fear in people’s eyes at the supermarket. People live in fear and our desire is to set them free by hearing the Hope We Have In Jesus. We are recruiting your help to bring freedom to these oppressed people that surround you. The Stories of Jesus can strike deep into people’s hearts.

In moments they could be listening to the parables of Jesus from Wayne’s Mini Mp3 Album: Live Without Fear. Wayne has developed download coupons so that you can give it away to anyone with a smartphone. All you need to do is print out this pdf file.

Print, Cut and Give Away

It is simple as print, cut, and give away our free download coupon. Your help in reaching those around you would be an encouragement to us. Remember Jesus wants us to Sow The Seed of the Gospel!

We Need A Little Help

We abandoned most of what we own in Brazil when we left on short notice! So we are in need of some assistance in purchasing things like clothes, appliances, tools to fix things, bedding, towels, and household items. We feel like newlyweds just starting out. One way you can help is by sending us gift cards from major retailers. That will help in the short run.

If you have a few of these items at home and would like to bless us with them we are looking for the following:

  • Notebook Computer
  • Basic Tools to fix things
  • Donated car that can work well on a road trip.

We also need to raise additional funds over our normal budget, $30k, through our mission by the end of the year which pays for resettlement expenses, debriefing, and the cost we incurred leaving Brazil.

Our address at the moment: 290 Pinehurst Dr., Tipp City, OH 45371-9325. To donate to our mission follow this link.

Prayer Request

  • Need a new place to live starting June 1st, in the Dayton Ohio area.
  • Pray for our resettlement needs.
  • Pray for our island in Brazil, establishments have been shut down and many have no income.
  • For the Holy Spirit to guide the men as they lead Bible studies in their homes while the island is on lock-down.
  • Pray that people will give out the Mini MP3 Album.
  • That we can connect with the churches this month and start booking visits.

Praise God!

  • We were able to get out of Brazil before things fell apart!
  • Our leadership in Brazil is filling our shoes. Pray for Jeu, Ester, Raiol, and Natalia for they are assuming our leadership role there on the island.
  • On the island, they are converting a warehouse into a church building with leftover materials they have been acquiring.
  • We have been blessed with a house to rent for the months of April and May.
  • First Grace in Dayton is permitting us to use a Sunday school room to work out of during the day.
  • People loaned us trucks to get around the local area.
  • All of our kids are doing well during the job layoffs.
  • We even have a donated bed to sleep on and are off the couch.