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February 2024

Good Samaritan

The story about the Good Samaritan is not what you think. From God’s perspective, it is about doing good and defining who your neighbor is. Actually, it is more about God’s character and how he sees us. Our text today is Luke 10:25-37.

Store Up Treasure

Jesus said to store up treasures in Heaven.  What does this mean? How do you send treasure to heaven? The Egyptian Pharaoh’s filled their tombs with treasure, but they seem to have left it behind. What did Jesus know that they did not?  I have answers – come listen.   Our text today is Matthew 9:19-21

Son Of God

Who is the Son Of God, do you clearly understand who claims this title? What authority and power comes with such a title? Walk with me through the scriptures and find out in this message. Our text today is Luke 1:26–33.

Divine Healing

It is in the Methodist tradition that when you are sick or you body is broken, miraculous healing only come through prayer.  John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church said “Jesus is our great physician”. Our text today is James 5:13-16.