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Fleeing Brazil

Brazil Is Being Ravaged By China Virus

The story of us packing up and departing our home is like something out of a disaster movie. Thursday, March 12, the USA started to close its borders. Then the Holy Spirit prompted us to book the last direct flight out of Belem to the USA leaving on Wednesday. The rush to pack suitcases came next. Friday Wayne traveled to purchase tickets from a travel agent with what cash he could get that day, with final arrangements to be completed on Monday. By Monday our flight had been canceled and re-routed to the big city of São Paulo. That same Monday the airline announced that it was closing down operations and canceling international flights. Our travel agent confirmed that our flight was still operating, but in a week flights would be suspended.
While all this was going on, countries all through Latin America were closing their borders, with no warning. The news from the USA was just as crazy. We made the flight São Paulo to Fort Lauderdale that took off 11 pm Wednesday. On Thursday, Brazil closed it’s land and sea borders, and our state ordered all businesses closed with a shelter in place order. We got out just in time.
Then the USA issued a Do Not Travel Order to any foreign country. So here we are to stay.

Lock Down In Ohio

Now Locked Down

Arriving in Dayton, Ohio, on Sunday, we found that there was a stay at home order. Only we do not have a home, but by the Grace of God, friends have opened their home to us as a temporary place to stay with a comfortable fold-out couch to sleep. We are not sure what is next, so please pray for us as we are living out of our suitcases with no place to call home.
The Coronavirus Crisis has left us in an awkward position. We are still working for the Mission and need your donations desperately! As you know, the US government is giving bailout packages, but we are overseas workers, so we will not qualify for assistance.
Our ministry is not over as questions from the Brazilian leaders still pour in over our cell phones as to what is next. We plan to be with the Mission at least to the end of the year. So please keep the financial support coming in as we are locked down in Ohio.

Meeting In Homes

What We Left Behind

As in numerous States in the USA, people are mandated to stay at home. The same is true in Brazil, but this has not stopped our small church from meeting in their homes. They are gathering as families to study the Word of God. Numerous families have sent photos and videos of the families singing together, studying their Bibles, and praying together. Please keep them in prayer as they, weather this time of isolation restricted to their homes. As for our house, a family from the church is now living in our home, keeping it safe from thieves and feeding our dogs that will keep them safe. Please pray.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for us as we are living out of suitcases and sleeping on a fold-out couch.
  • We are seeking God’s counsel as to what to do next as we are in a lockdown situation until some time in April.
  • Pray for the men who are now responsible for the ministry; Codero, Raiol, George, and Vladimir.
  • Pray that our small band of believers will still move forward as a light in the community even though we are not there.
  • Pray for our financial situation. We need funds to help pay for our hasty return and continued support as we try and understand what is next.
  • We also need a car, a place to live, and all that goes with resettling.

Praise God!

  • We made it out on one of the last few flights leaving the country.
  • God provided a place for us to stay in Florida, and we could see His hand caring for us as we traveled to Ohio.
  • It is clear as we look back in hindsight that the Lord had prepared us for our hasty departure and the ability to pack up and leave.
  • Praise God that our small band of believers are continuing to move forward even though we are no longer with them in this time of the global pandemic.
  • The couples’ event went very well. It was a good time of renewal of commitments and understanding God’s vision for marriage. Everyone seems to like it.