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Last Plane OUt of Belem

The Last Azul Flight Belem -> FLL USA

South America is shutting down its borders, suspending flights and waiting to be ravaged by the coronavirus. The medical professionals here are estimating that there could be 45,000 sick in Sao Paulo in just a month. The airline industry is caving due to financial pressures and there is one last fight on Wednesday; Belem to Fort Lauderdale. After that, all flights will go through Sao Paulo first before leaving the country. We have tickets to be on that last plane to the USA. Pray that this door holds for us to get out!

When Argenta on Thursday suspended all flights to the USA is when we decided to evacuate from our island in the middle of the Amazon River. It is a difficult task to pack everything that is dear to you in just four days and make arrangements to depart and secure all of your important documents. At this point, it looks like Brazil will be dealing with this virus for many years to come including all the dead that go with it. Which most likely means this to be our last trip.

We are flying to Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday, from there we do not know how we will get to Ohio. It is not a sure bet that the flight will fly given the fact that flights are being suspended all of the world without notice. Pray for us that the doorway will stay open for us, that hour health holds and God has our trip planned the rest of the way. Keep us in your prayers as we flee.