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August 2020

Building An OUtreach team

Many leaders make the mistake of asking for volunteers when starting an outreach team. Here I offer some guidance on how to select team members and get them started praying and seeking the lost souls in the Garden the Lord… 

How To Pray For The Harvest

As you seek to have a fruit bearing ministry with a harvest of souls, you need to pray. Here are some principles we can draw form to understand how you can personal pray for the harvest around you.

How to Use Download Cards

The download card is a very effective contacting tool if used properly. Today’s video explains how to use download cards in a conversation with a contact.

Outreach Tool

It is still our passion to reach lost souls with the Biblical Stories of scripture. Ellen recently completed a Masters of Biblical Storytelling Certificate, equipping her to coach individuals in the art of dramatically sharing the stories in scripture in… 

Island Church Meeting

As the grip of the COVID-19 starts to loosen, our little island church is open and meeting. The virus has transformed the ministry from a house to house ministry to a one location ministry. It is so exciting to see…