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Bible Insights

Good Samaritan

The story about the Good Samaritan is not what you think. From God’s perspective, it is about doing good and defining who your neighbor is. Actually, it is more about God’s character and how he sees us. Our text today is Luke 10:25-37.

Store Up Treasure

Jesus said to store up treasures in Heaven.  What does this mean? How do you send treasure to heaven? The Egyptian Pharaoh’s filled their tombs with treasure, but they seem to have left it behind. What did Jesus know that they did not?  I have answers – come listen.   Our text today is Matthew 9:19-21

Son Of God

Who is the Son Of God, do you clearly understand who claims this title? What authority and power comes with such a title? Walk with me through the scriptures and find out in this message. Our text today is Luke 1:26–33.

Divine Healing

It is in the Methodist tradition that when you are sick or you body is broken, miraculous healing only come through prayer.  John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church said “Jesus is our great physician”. Our text today is James 5:13-16.


Jesus is coming with our reward, for all those who are written in the “Book Of Life”. God the Father will praise us for our workmanship here on earth. Jesus will be giving out Crowns! Find out how you can get one. Text for this message is Revelation 22:12.

Bema Seat

The Bema Seat Judgment is referred to in scripture as “Judgment Seat of Christ”. This judgment is for the church-age believers whose names are in the Book Of Life. Many confuse the word judgment with pain and condemnation, but not here. This is where we will receive our reward in Christ and hear the words; “Well done good and faithful servant”. The text referenced is; 2 Corinthians 5:9-10.

Judgement Day

Many in the Church are afraid to tell you that there is a Judgment Day. Scripture teaches there are seven judgment days and you can select which one to attend. Find out now. Our text today is Revelation 20:11-15

Heaven and Hell

So many people think they are automatically going to spend eternity in heaven. When the reality is they are all going to hell. Is your name found in the Book of Life? After we die we will live for an eternity, the question is where will you reside? Our text today is Luke 16:19-31.

Joseph Flees

As an American tradition, we tell the Christmas story and end the story with the visit of the Magi. That is not the end of the story. A horrific event takes place told by the prophets of old. Our text today is Matthew 2:1-23

Angelic Messages Promises

As an American tradition, we start the  Christmas story with the angels bring a message to Mary then some times Joseph. There is more to the story than the angels predictions but a host of old testament promises and prophecy that is being fulfilled.  Main text is Luke 1:26-38.