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The Flood

The Flood and Noah’s Ark is a very conversational story in our time. Because if the story it historical then the promises in the story are fact. The promises are very important and speak to everyone in our day and time. 

The Days Of Noah

The Days of Noah were spoken of by Jesus Himself. Today we look into who was Noah and what were his days like. We also pull from the Book of Enoch and current day headlines about where the Noah’s Ark has come to rest.

Signs In Heaven

The moon will be blocking the sun on April 8, 2024. Are we in America to interrupt this as a sign from God? The answer will surprise you. 

Bema Seat

The Bema Seat Judgment is referred to in scripture as “Judgment Seat of Christ”. This judgment is for the church-age believers whose names are in the Book Of Life. Many confuse the word judgment with pain and condemnation, but not here. This is where we will receive our reward in Christ and hear the words; “Well done good and faithful servant”. The text referenced is; 2 Corinthians 5:9-10.

Judgement Day

Many in the Church are afraid to tell you that there is a Judgment Day. Scripture teaches there are seven judgment days and you can select which one to attend. Find out now. Our text today is Revelation 20:11-15