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As the news rolls out across the globe about the scary virus, it too has arrived in Brazil. Under normal circumstances, it would take a long time to before it spreads to the Amazon River Region, but these are not normal times; it is Carnival. The Carnival celebrations have brought millions of Brazilians and foreigners into close contact during the festival, giving this virus a breeding ground to spread throughout the country. It will only be a short time we will see people wearing masks and fearing for their lives here where we live. Keep us in Prayer.

Jeremias Out On The River

Pirates And Our Boat

It is no surprise that someone tried to sneak off with the boat the other night but failed. This is the first time pirates have been so brave, but it seems that our style of boat is no longer unique out on the river. It has become a popular model for river communities to buy and would fetch a quick sale if the pirates get their hands on it. So please pray for God’s Angels to protect this ministry tool.

Kid’s Club Out On The River

Kid’s Club Move

In January, we lost our location to hold the kid’s club on the other side of our island. We held a leadership meeting, trying to understand how the Holy Spirit was guiding our efforts. It was decided to transfer the Kid’s Club to the local church on our island and let Jeremias focus his efforts on the two other locations we have.
The local church has discovered a new place to hold kid’s club on Thursday night, kids and parents attend it. Our small church group is excited about the results and can see God’s hand in the move. Please pray for all of our kid’s clubs as we follow the Lord’s leading.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for God’s Angels to protect our riverboat as it seems to be a target for the pirates.
  • Pray for the men who are stepping up to new levels of leadership; Codero, Raiol, George, and Vladimir.
  • We are holding a special time for couples with the goal of building up our marriages. Pray for this event on March 13.
  • Pray for our communion service towards the end of the month. Pray that it will help move hearts to salvation in Christ.
  • Pray for Wayne’s efforts to transfer leadership of the local non-profit organization. He has been the president of this Brazilian organization for 16 years, and now it will be moved into the hands of the Brazilians.

Praise God!

  • The local church has taken over the kid’s club at Farol, and God has blessed us with a new location with good attendance. 
  • Raiol and Natalia are working out well as part of our core leadership team. Pray that they will continue as long term partners.
  • Thank the Lord for demonstrating His provisional hand. A man brought a need to our small church, and people turned out their pockets. They watched God move in a way they did not expect to provide for this need.
  • Praises God for all the kid’s club and how God is growing our numbers and opportunities in these communities. I was introduced to a grandmother of one of the kids who last month made a decision for Christ. Join us in celebrating.