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Sailing The Amazon

Out On The River

Some of the city volunteers that join us on this great endeavor, this is their first time to be out in a small boat. They discover the Amazon River is not for the faint-hearted. They are wearing life jackets for a reason. Especially this time of the year the water can be treacherous along with having to navigate next to large boats passing through the channel. These monster ships, from our perspective sitting low in the water, can create large wakes. These wakes can be as high as three feet. We have to stop the boat and wait to surf the waves so the boat does not get swamped. Any plans we have of speeding along down the river are easily squashed just by a few big boats. If the boat gets swamped we do have a pump to keep the boat dry. Pray for our endeavor to reach our points of ministry as we navigate the Amazon Delta.