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Meeting Your Neighbors CovID-19

Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

Getting to know the neighbors seems to be a difficult activity in America today. So many Americans live in a world isolated from the world around them. They live in a virtual world. So how can you get to know your neighbors when they are never around, and if you knock on their front door what would they think or would they even open the door! Let me help you. The COVID-19 crisis is actually helping you to get to know the neighborhood. People are tired of being inside and are stepping out of the house for exercise.

Start taking daily walks around your neighborhood when the weather is nice. Say HI to everyone you see. Wave that hand and greet everyone you can see on your walk. Many people have started new outdoor hobbies of gardening and grass cutting. It is a great way to build rapport with the neighbors and open the door for relationships. What can you talk about? Well, people like to talk about their yards and all the effort they pour into them. It is a great place to start this time of year. My the Lord Bless your efforts.