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Looking For Recruits

I am looking At You Kid!

My heart is to reach the lost for Christ. So I am on a mission to recruit others during this time of COVID-19 Pandemic to reach people for the Lord. To be Sowers of the Seed of the Gospel that will set people free. As I look around I see that the time is ripe for the harvest in America because for the first time in our recent history so many people are facing their mortality.

Join me in this ministry. I am glad to send you a few of my Download cards for you to hand out to people in your neighborhood. I just received a box of these Download Cards in the mail. So if you would like I can stuff some in an envelope and mail them to you, for you to try them out. My experience is that people are waking their dogs, waking their kids, and just in general out in their neighborhoods. So drop me a note on Facebook or send me an SMS Text message to my cell, (937)540-5496.

The download card has a number and a code for someone to receive a link to my Mini MP3 Album “Live Without Fear” were then can download the mp3 album. It is a series of stories from scripture told as a story, for adults. Listen to it at this link.