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It is still our passion to reach lost souls with the Biblical Stories of scripture. Ellen recently completed a Masters of Biblical Storytelling Certificate, equipping her to coach individuals in the art of dramatically sharing the stories in scripture in church. She also can perform a story concert for small groups.

Wayne is working on the MP3 Mini Albums to be used as an outreach tool. He will be contacting pastors about his passions and how this outreach tool can advance a church’s ministry.

New Mini MP3 Album

New MP3 Mini Album

Please take the time to listen to Wayne’s Mini Album and give him some feedback. It is designed as an outreach tool for someone who has not set foot in a church, ever. My target audience also loves their cell phones and will download almost anything just to try it out. The modern American seems to have an apatite for media no matter what the source. Our source is the Bible and stories from the Bible transform lives. So take a listen drop me a text back.

The Storms OF Life

Podcast Lizard Tracks

The Sayings Of The Man From Heaven

The series we are featuring at the end of August is a collection of the Sayings of Jesus. I would encourage you to tell your friends who know some of their bibles but need a little help. Wayne makes it fun and covers a number of the more popular parables of Jesus. Listen to the first day of the ten-day series. Come join me in this exciting story at my podcast Lizard Tracks. On the web at

Day One Series in August
  • Pray for Wayne as he starts the process of talking with Pastors and Leaders in Churches about this new ministry.
  • Pray for our current Mini Album Development “Rainbow Promises” and “Parables to Live By”
  • Pray as we seek to discover financial support for our outreach ministry.