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Looking For A Car

Back to The USA

We are flying into the Dayton, Ohio, area for a conference and spending time with our new granddaughter down in Berea, Ky. We need a car that we can borrow from July 24- Aug 24. Can you help?

Wayne has yet even to see our new granddaughter that was born in December of last year. It makes this our second grandchild, and we are very excited about our planned visit at the end of July.

The first weeks of August will be spent at a Bible Storytelling conference held in Dayton. We have been on the cutting edges of Bible storing for the mission field and have found it exciting to see river people who do not read take hold of the stories in the Bible and put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ

The Soccer Game

USA vs Brazil

It was inevitable that in hosting a team from one of our supporting churches in June that a soccer game challenge would pop up. On our beach played out an international rival of USA vs Brazil. As anticipated the Brazilian’s squashed the American Team, which was all in the fun as the team wrapped up its time.
The First Grace Team consisted of 8 college-age people with a focus on ministry. There were skits, testimonies and a lot of relationship-building activities, like soccer. It was an encouraging time for the small church that is taking root here on the island of Cotijuba. The team even got the opportunity to take a river trip to Monkey Island, which they will remember for the rest of their lives. It was a blessing.

Missed My Birthday

Our little church made big plans for my birthday at the Wednesday night church meeting, yet I was pulled away into Belem for an emergency with one of the visiting team members. It did not stop any of the celebrations; it just happens without me. They sent me the video of how great the party was. I just missed it all.

Not to fret, Saturday kid’s club was the last club for the semester, so it was a time to celebrate. They surprised me with a cake, and all the kids sang happy birthday. It was a great surprise, so I did not miss my birthday party, after all.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for our visit to the Dayton area for a conference on Bible Storytelling.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide a car for us to use while in the States.
  • Pray that all the arrangements to visit family will work out; we are planning to visit with our grandchildren.
  • We have arranged some time as a vacation in the States; pray that this is a refreshing time for us.
  • Snakes seem to be showing up on our property in record numbers; pray that our dogs and we will be kept safe many of the snakes here are highly poisonous.
  • Our partners are on vacation visiting family this month; pray that it is a time to recharge their batteries before kicking of August without us.
  • Keep our partners Jeu and Ester in prayer as they are facing some medical issues.
  • Work on the property will be happening while we are gone; pray that everything gets fixed before we return.

Praise God!

  • The First Grace team went well, and our local folks connected with our visiting youth.
  • Strangely enough, Clayton is gone, just stepped out of everyone’s life. It seems to have put an end to his distractions for our little group.
  • The two dogs are alive, and we have had several visits from the family of sloths that live near us.
  • That the men are stepping up to new levels of leadership, Codero, Royal, and Valdimir.
  • The Monkey Island Church is very excited about the ministry here on our island and continues to stand behind the work of Pastor Jeu and Ester.
  • Jeremias is catching a more excellent vision for what the kid’s club ministry can be. He has now set a goal of finishing training his team to run the kid’s club without him so that he can develop a new team and be lead by the Holy Spirit to start a new kids club on another island.
  • Praise God he is developing this new vision for ministry.