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Tuffy’s Prize

The Prize

Life in the Amazon Forest is a bit different. We have all sorts of animals visit our home and a big black dog to protect us from these strange creatures. One animal Tuffy, my dog, has had his eye on for six months is an Armadillo that tried to build a home next to the fence.

It would burrow into the ground and listen to the dog bark at it all night. Last month he found a way to catch and kill this threat to his territory. He did not eat the Armadillo but only give it up as a trophy. Now my friends were thrilled to have cooked Armadillo for a snack. Tuffy is once again famous, and my friends want to know what else he can catch for them to eat.

Our Leaders

Ministry Restart

Summer is over, and August brought the restart of the ministries from the summer break. Only this time it was without Wayne. For us, August was spent at a Biblical Bible Storying Conference in the States along with some family time. It was the first time Wayne set eyes on his granddaughter.

The ministry restart seems to come off without any adverse effects. After returning, there was a lot of question; should we do this, is this ok, and many others but the leadership we have been developing seems to be standing firm, Praise God. Pray for us as we try to have these men continue to be the driving force behind the ministries.

Celebrating Marriage

It was our great joy this year to celebrate our wedding anniversary on the actual day we got married. In past years ministry demands have forced us to move our celebration to several months later, not this year.
A friend of ours, an owner of a great restaurant, served us an outstanding meal to help us celebrate. The meal contained a lot of love, and it was a gift to us, an extraordinary gift.
We are experiencing what Christ talk about in Matthew 19:27-30, leaving the USA behind the Lord has blessed us with good friends here in this foreign land

Prayer Request

  • Pray for the men who are stepping up to new levels of leadership; Codero, Royal, George, and Valdimir.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to pull on Christava’s heart as he has drifted away from the group but is now becoming back involved with us.
  • Keep our partners Jeu and Ester in prayer as they are facing some medical issues.
  • Jeremias is starting to expand the Kids Club Ministry to a new island with additional financial support coming from his church, The Monkey Island Church. Continue to pray for this expansion, he needs local funding, volunteers, and a place in the community to meet.
  • Pray for the Friday night in-home visits. As we have started them up from the summer break, but several of the people have dropped off our list, and we need the Holy Spirit to provide new doors to be open for our leadership to take the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray for new open doors.

Praise God!

  • The Bible Storying Convention went well. We got to see friends not seen for years, and the teaching was refreshing.
  • The Lord provided a car for us to use, and even when that was taken from us, He provided a truck for us to use.
  • It was a great joy for Wayne to see his granddaughter for the first time, along with getting the entire family together while visiting in Berea, KY.
  • Rita showed up at one of the women’s Tuesday meetings this month. This is an answer to prayer. She is a “good witch” who we all have been praying for as we are seeking her salvation in Christ.
  • Thank the Lord for a safe trip to the states and our return even with the hurricane off the coast of Florida, and there was no delay.
  • The fires burning in the Amazon do not affect us. The reality is that these fires happen every year as the farmers, ranchers, and landowners burn their fields to kill the insects and enrich their soils with carbon. It is a form of farming that is not practiced in the states but critical here.