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Tuffy’s Prize

Tuffy’s Catch

Life in the Amazon Forest is a bit different. We have all sorts of animals visit our home and a big black dog to protect us from these strange creatures. One animal Tuffy, my dog, has had his eye on for six months is an Armadillo that tried to build a home next to the fence.

It would burrow into the ground and listen to the dog bark at it all night. Last month he found a way to catch and kill this threat to his territory. He did not eat the Armadillo but only give it up as a trophy. Now my friends were thrilled to have cooked Armadillo for a snack. Tuffy is once again famous and my friends are wanting to know what else he can catch for them to eat.

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The Plagues Of Egypt

God’s power poured out almost destroying the most powerful nation at that time, Egypt. The Pharaoh thought he ruled the world, it is with irony that God Almighty put him in that position in the first place through the life of Joseph. But 430 years later all of this is forgotten and now Moses declares; Let My People Go! Tune into my podcast. Podcast Lizard Tracks; more info at

Tell Joseph’s Story Over Coffee

To commemorate this exciting story we have created the Joseph Coffee Mug. It can be a great conversation starter as you take this coffee mug to your favorite coffee shop or at home with friends. The question on mug will spark an opening to share the story of Joseph. Available at Zazzle.

  • Pray for the writing and recording of an Evangelistic MP3 Album – I AM The Bread Of Life, Crafted Stories from Jesus.
  • Pray for the Lord to expand the number of people that receive the SMS Updates.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide a volunteer to help design a coffee mug series.
  • Pray as Wayne seeks to work with the leadership God has given us for the ministry on the Island of Cotijuba to expand the ministry on this island. Friday nights are home visits that seek to expand our contacts here on the island and at the end of the month we have a movie night to invite new contacts.

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