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The Frog Will Not Leave

What type of animals do you have in your house? Pet cat, dog, or bird. Possibility of some kind of creature living in an aquarium? We have a frog in our house that thinks that our kitchen is part of his forest home. He likes playing in the pots and pans. At times he has been found in the silverware drawer.

The frog is a common tree frog who can jump from wall to wall, ceiling to wall and floor to ceiling faster then my hands can move to catch this little squirt. At night he comes out and traverses the house looking for food to eat, which is a good thing because he eats bugs. Last month the odds changed, he has brought a friend into our house so now we have two. Our frog does not stay in the house but comes and goes as he pleases into the surrounding forest.

The Boat Is Packed With Jeu And His Family

Out On The River

It was fun to be back out on the river this month in our little boat visiting different islands that we have volunteer teams leading ministry. Our trip this month took us to Utigna Açu, a community about fifteen miles away from where we live on the island of Cotijuba.

The ministry has grown to the point that it was more practical for Jeremias to keep the boat at his place and run teams around each week. He holds a professional pilot license and one of my key leaders in our Throw The Net Ministry. He picked us up with Pastor Jeu, our partners, enabling us to visit some of the more remote locations our ministry teams are now operating Kid’s Clubs. It was a great day, and a joy to see the work continue to grow.

Visit USA

We will be back on a plane soon enough to spend about two weeks of December in the Dayton, Ohio area, but not for Christmas. Our families were hoping we would stay for Christmas, but the cost of airline tickets are double the price, so we can only afford a short visit.

Ellen is attending a week-long class that will finish up her Master Storytelling course work that she has been working on this year. After this, she will have completed the most advanced course that the Network of Biblical Storytellers International has to offer.

Ellen will be performing a Storyteller Program entitled “Let The Redeemed of the Lord Tell Their Story”.
The performance is Sunday, December 8, at Centerville GBC with a carry-in lunch at 12 noon. We want to invite you to attend if you live in the area.

Prayer Request

  • Pray for workers of the harvest in our expanding Kid’s Club efforts. There are three locations now, but the volunteer workers are stretched thin.
  • Pray for the men who are stepping up to new levels of leadership; Codero, Raiol, George, and Valdimir.
  • Joe is an expatriate from Europe living on our island. Our leadership is sharing the Gospel through story once a week with him, pray that this seed will take root.
  • We will be hosting a large anniversary celebration of the Monkey Island Church on Nov 23 & 24. Over 120 people will be attending this celebration. The Monkey Island Church is considered the mother church of our church plant. It is a big event for our little group to host. Pray that all goes well for the relationship-building event.

Praise God!

  • Monday night Men’s Leadership training is exciting because they are now catching the vision for ministry and outreach.
  • That Valdimir & Raiol are stepping up to the plate and working as a team by themselves for Friday night evangelism in-home visits.
  • The members of our church have been donating money and time to prepare for this Monkey Island Church celebration. It is a monumental event in our church planting effort for them to not request funds from the missionary but pull from their resources.
  • Last month’s Friday night movie surprising touch the hearts of our people and has been talked about for several weeks now.
  • Raiol told the story from memory and did not need to read it out of the Bible!