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Storytellers On The River

It does not take an Academic to realize that the people living out here in the islands of the Amazon Delta are just good, down to earth folks, most of which have little if any basic education. Everyone likes a storyteller, and since Jeremias has arrived in the community Utinga Auç the doors have flung open for this River Storyteller sharing the stories of Jesus. The kids love all the stories, games and just plain fun, not so overstimulated like the city kids. These stories told live enthrall them and bring Jesus alive for many the first time.

This Week on Lizard Tracks

Photo by Stefan Gustafsson from FreeImages

David is called “A Man After God’s Own Heart.” David The Anointed is a series of stories from King David’s life. It features giants, maidens of the King, place intrigue and a plot to kill the King’s son-in-law. You do not want to miss this series. Podcast Lizard Tracks; more info at

Relax At Home With Coffee

As you take your cup of coffee outside the neighbors come over to chat, not so uncommon on a cool fall day. You have prayed for these neighbors for years but it is difficult to bring up spiritual topics. One look at your coffee cup can only generate questions as to its meaning. Then the door open for you to share the story of Kind David, a man ofter God’s own heart. Available at Zazzle.

How You Can Pray For Us
  • Pray for Wayne’s visit to Utigna Açu on November 2, the new kid’s club location.
  • Pray that Wayne can fix and configure the new SMS software he purchased for $50 to send out these Bible Story Updates.
  • That the Lord will expand our podcast listeners.

Help Get The Word Out

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